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What’s so unfunny?

That’s what some comics – citing the scarcity of satire directed at President Obama and his administration – want to know.

Claiming that his peers are “panicky” about “being called a racist,” stand-up legend Jackie Mason said too many once-fearless satirists are settling for “hero worship” of the new U.S. president.

The Great Presidential Comedy Drought of 2009 can’t be chalked off to a lack of satirical fodder, said comic Jeffrey Jena, founder of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy blog. (“Looking at politics and life from the right side,” proclaims its motto.)

“Letterman used to do a ‘Bushism of the Week.’ ” Why hasn’t he started one with Obama?” Mr. Jena said. “There’s plenty of those moments, the ‘Ohs, and ‘Umms’ or ‘I don’t speak Austrian.’ ”

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What’s funny is that Obama himself a complete joke.


Obama is a JOKE!

From the article:
RUSH: Here’s a story, this is on the New York Times blog today.  “Obama to Take Oath on Same Bible as Lincoln.”  This is by Katherine Q. “Kit” Seelye.  “Barack Obama will be sworn into office with the same Bible that Abraham Lincoln used for his first inauguration in 1861. The move further extends the parallels that [The Messiah] has drawn with Lincoln since he announced his candidacy for president in February 2007 in Springfield, Ill. 

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Diplomacide has been mothballed.
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