1. Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich attempts to sell Illinois US Senate seat which had been vacated by Obama to the highest bidder. 

(Presently this has not been resolved and as of yet there is no evidence, that has been made public, which implicates Barack Hussein Obama. So mark this “pending”.)

2. Lawsuit Filed Against Obama – Obama will not prove he is a natural born U.S. citizen

3. Bill Richardson withdraws his name to be President-elect Obama’s commerce secretary due to Federal investigation into a “pay to play” scandal.

4. Obama puts a tax cheat in charge of the I.R.S.

5. Signs executive order to close Guantanamo within one year, yet has no plan where to put the prisoners after the closing. 

6. Fires CEO of GM, dictates to automakers how to run their businesses even though Obama has no experience running anything.

7.  At G20 Summit Obama bows to Saudi King

8. Barack Obama’s $500,000 Book Deal just before taking office.

9. Obama refuses TARP money repayment in order to keep control of the Banks.

10. Obama has initiated the hijacking of Capitalism 

11.  Chrysler & GM’s future

12.  Bankrupting America

If I have not listed any relevant Scandal or Transgression please leave a comment. Time period begining November 4, 2008.