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America is China’s biggest customer. They sell us everything but sliced bread. Whoops, they sell us that too. We have news, they are criminals that lie and cheat in the commercial market. There are plenty of other nations we can purchase goods from. We think it is time for America to take China to the tool shed.

The Chinese government has no honor. They even cheat with under aged girls in the Olympics. They steal from Americans when they market fraudulent stocks on our market and rob our young athletes.

China is not an ally. They are not a trade partner. They are a Communist country that has used slave and child labor for decades to undercut US labor and destroy American jobs. The US has conceded this loss in American jobs to keep inflation down by importing cheap Chinese goods. Meanwhile, the Chinese government, thriving on the slave labor of their citizens, has raked in a massive amount of money based on their exports. They used that money to invest in the Treasury bills of the country they were robbing, the United States. Now they are trying to use it as leverage worried about their treasury investment.

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Back in the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson gave us the War on Poverty. In the 1970s, Richard Nixon launched the War on Drugs. Now that we have seen President Barack Obama’s first-year legislative agenda, we know what kind of a war he intends to wage.

It is no wonder that markets are imploding around us. Obama is giving us the War on Business.

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REICH: …”I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high-skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers…I have nothing against white male construction workers, I’m just saying there are other people who have needs as well.”

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2009-2010 will rank with 1913-14, 1933-36, 1964-65 and 1981-82 as years that will permanently change our government, politics and lives. Just as the stars were aligned for Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson and Reagan, they are aligned for Obama. Simply put, we enter his administration as free-enterprise, market-dominated, laissez-faire America. We will shortly become like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, or Sweden — a socialist democracy in which the government dominates the economy, determines private-sector priorities and offers a vastly expanded range of services to many more people at much higher taxes.

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Obama warns of dire consequences without stimulus

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President-elect Barack Obama said Thursday the recession could “linger for years” unless Congress pumps unprecedented sums from Washington into the economy, making his highest-profile case yet on an issue certain to define and dominate his early presidency.

“I don’t believe it’s too late to change course, but it will be if we don’t take dramatic action as soon as possible,” Obama said in a speech set to be delivered at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., outside Washington. Excerpts from his prepared text were released in advance by his transition team.

It was the fourth day in a row that Obama has made a pitch for a huge infusion of taxpayer dollars to revive the sinking economy he will inherit from President George W. Bush.

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Diplomacide: This is just scare tactics designed to force America further down the Socialist rathole. 


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President-elect Barack Obama’s team is considering a plan to boost the recession-hit U.S. economy that could be far larger than previous estimates and might reach $1 trillion over two years, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.

Obama aides, who were considering a half-trillion dollar package two weeks ago, now consider $600 billion over two years “a very low-end estimate,” the newspaper said, citing an unidentified person familiar with the matter.

The final size of the stimulus was expected to be significantly higher, possibly between $700 billion and $1 trillion over that period, it said, given the deteriorating state of the U.S. economy.

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This is a good trend, now hopefully the public sector.

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China roiled financial markets around the globe yesterday when it asserted that the dollar is losing its luster as the world’s reserve currency and that Beijing will swap some of its $1.4 trillion in reserves out of U.S. dollars and into stronger currencies like the euro and Canadian dollar.

China’s verbal assault on the dollar helped trigger a 360-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and came as French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned in a speech to Congress that the “disarray” caused by the dollar’s steep fall could lead to “economic war.”

“The world’s currency structure has changed,” Xu Jian, a central bank vice director, said in a Beijing conference, according to wire service reports. The dollar is “losing its status as the world currency,” he said.

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