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Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao arrived in Moscow on Monday for talks with Russian leaders on prospects for the development of bilateral relations.

On Tuesday, Wen Jiabao will take part in a ceremony of closing Year of China in Russia and meet his Russian counterpart Viktor Zubkov for talks on cooperation in different fields.

The two sides are expected to sign 10 inter-governmental, inter-departmental and commercial agreements in such areas as nuclear power engineering and finances, in implementing joint projects in science and technologies, small and medium-size business.

In an exclusive interview with Itar-Tass, Wen said, “My meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov will focus on sincere and substantial exchange of views on bilateral issues, international and regional problems.”

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This is like a chess match with multiple players and real consequences.

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Is the Caspian a sea or a lake?

The answer has immense repercussions for the energy industry. If it is a lake, there are no obligations by countries that flank it to grant permits to foreign vessels or drilling companies. But if it is sea, there are international treaties obliging those countries to an array of permits.

The Caspian, one of the world’s largest enclosed bodies of water, has become the center of a new power game involving the United States and Russia as well as its bordering countries, including Iran, over who should control the vast energy reserves under its depths.

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See the Wikipedia link regarding the Caspian Sea which includes a map showing the borders of all the countries involved in the story.

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Diplomacide has been mothballed.
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