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When Europe crumbles under the feet of the Muslim hordes it will not be a good thing but it will be ironic. Europe, I fear for your future. 

The peacenik is always shocked when the crowbar slaps up the side of his head and when the brain is too damaged to spout forth words of righteousness, what then? Who stays the hand of violence when the blows are raining down? 

Remember, Diplomacide is dangerous.

* In reference to this.


From the article:
A threat by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to stop oil exports to the United States has raised the stakes over a Sunday referendum he has called in a bid to expand his powers.

Chavez told tens of thousands of supporters late Friday he was putting Venezuela’s oil field and refineries under military “protection” and would halt the exports “if this (referendum) is used as a pretext to start violence in Venezuela.”

He accused the US Central Intelligence Agency of preparing to spread unrest during the plebiscite in an effort to topple him, and said if its operation was activated “there won’t be a drop of oil from Venezuela to the United States.”

The menace was an escalation of anti-US rhetoric Chavez has long employed, and highlighted both Venezuela’s pivotal role as South America’s biggest oil producer, and the parlous relations between Washington and Caracas.

Venezuela, an OPEC member, currently exports around 60 percent of the two million barrels of oil it produces per day to the United States, which relies on them for 11 percent of its oil needs.

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Diplomacide Mothballed

Diplomacide has been mothballed.
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