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China launched its first lunar probe Wednesday. Japan sent an orbiter up last month. India is close behind. It’s an economic competition with military undertones.

As the rocket carrying China’s first lunar probe blasted off Wednesday evening, it left in its wake a vapor trail of questions about the nature of Asia’s new space race.

The continent’s giants are jockeying for position beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Japan launched its own moon orbiter last month. India plans to send a similar satellite up next year. The dawn of the Asian space age, however, has been darkened by suspicion, instead of cooperation.

“This means more competition because of the lingering security concerns all three countries have about one another,” says Bates Gill, director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. “Because of the military relevance of space missions and technology, real cooperation will be difficult.”

The moon shots, all designed to learn more about the lunar atmosphere and surface, have no military purpose, officials in the three new space powers are quick to point out. But in a field where civilian technological advances can easily be put to military use, nations closely scrutinize each of their neighbors’ steps forward.

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June 5, 2007 — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the United States of putting “brakes” on North Korea’s nuclear-disarmament process.

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