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Can someone please tell us how U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano got her job? She appears to be about as knowledgeable about border issues as a late-night radio call-in yahoo.

In an interview broadcast Monday on the CBC, Ms. Napolitano attempted to justify her call for stricter border security on the premise that “suspected or known terrorists” have entered the U. S. across the Canadian border, including the perpetrators of the 9/11 attack.

All the 9/11 terrorists, of course, entered the United States directly from overseas. The notion that some arrived via Canada is a myth that briefly popped up in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and was then quickly debunked.

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Protesters are gathered New Orleans where President Bush is meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon. The three leaders are meeting behind closed doors under the auspices of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership”—also known as the North American Union. The SPP/NAU has been a boon for corporate interests and a massive blow to U.S. sovereignty, conducted entirely in secret. Now the protesters are saying enough is enough.

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A shadowy leftist guerrilla group took credit for a string of explosions that ripped apart at least six Mexican oil and gas pipelines Monday, rattling financial markets and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production.

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Diplomacide has been mothballed.
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