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Who’s benefiting from the current economic meltdown?

Karl Marx!  Call him the “comeback kid” of the current economic crisis.

His works are selling in record numbers across Germany; publishers cannot reissue his works especially (Das Kapital) fast enough to keep up with the demand, as German universities have made him a prime topic of study in an attempt to understand the crisis affecting capitalist economies.

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The Russian president said in a speech Thursday that the financial crisis in the United States should be taken as a sign that America’s global economic leadership is drawing to a close, reiterating an argument that leaders here have been making for some time, though investors in recent weeks have been fleeing Russia and depositing money in U.S. Treasury bills.

Perhaps inevitably for a country long lectured to by the United States, Russia is using the occasion of the U.S. financial crisis to do some lecturing of its own.

President Dmitri Medvedev said Thursday that the U.S. crisis showed that “the times when one economy and one country dominated are gone for good.” Speaking of the United States, Medvedev said the world no longer needed a “megaregulator.”

Russia has argued that the freewheeling Anglo-American style of capitalism is to blame for the crisis, a position echoed by Germany and other Continental European nations. Medvedev even called it financial “egoism.”

Since the second week in August, when the war in Georgia and political tension with the West heightened concerns about stability in Russia, $52 billion in net private capital has left Russia, according to an investor note from Goldman Sachs.

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Diplomacide has been mothballed.
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